Things to Consider When Moldmaking

05/ 17/ 2022

Moldmaking can sometimes require finesse. In order to create a usable die or mold, you need both precision and a quality surface finish. As we all know, there is an art to things like feeds and speeds; moldmaking will put that to the test.


Cast Iron - The Dos and Don’ts of a Challenging Material

05/ 04/ 2022

We’re all familiar with cast iron as a material. If you already own a Tormach, the base form of your machine is made out of this sturdy material. And it’s used for just that reason… it’s sturdy. Cast iron has vibration dampening effects, which is why it is often used for machine tools, as well as workholding accessories like a tombstone.


A Few Need-to-Knows for Simplifying Your CNC Workholding

04/ 29/ 2022

Workholding (also known as fixturing) is one of the most complicated parts of CNC machining. But, like many complicated things, the devil is in the details. Sometimes, it can appear straightforward - like clamping your part in a vise - until you realize that you need to bite into the part more or you want to get more efficient with loading/unloading.


A New World for FIRST Robotics Team with CNC

04/ 20/ 2022

The FIRST Robotics Championship is underway, and that means herds of high schoolers from around the globe and their robots are descending on George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas. FIRST provides friendly engineering and manufacturing competition for students by pitting their robotic designs against one another in various tasks while also fostering “co-opertition.” 


What to Expect, When You’re Expecting a Tormach Mill

04/ 14/ 2022

There is a lot of calculation that goes into buying your first mill. It’s a big decision, but when you pull the trigger, it’s important to keep yourself prepared and organized. 


Prosthetic Innovation with Multiple Tormach Machines

04/ 07/ 2022

Innovation and efficient manufacturing is essential for any business to succeed, but it is especially important in the world of medical devices. Those with limb differences are often presented with varying challenges from accessibility to prosthetics to making sure those devices fit and function properly.

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