Tormaker Community - In Conversation with Cesar Rullier

03/ 03/ 2021

In our latest conversation with our Tormaker Community, we caught up with Cesar Rullier who recently purchased the Tormach 1100MX for his specialist reverse engineering company. 


Probing and Edge-Finding - Best Tools to Find Your Work

02/ 24/ 2021

While CNC machines are capable of an awful lot of amazing things, the machine itself is only as capable as its operator and code. That means proper programming and tooling setups are necessary to get the most out of your machine.


Tormaker Community - In Conversation with Paul Bater

02/ 17/ 2021

For our latest blog series, we wanted to tell real stories from real people. Today, we're in conversation with Paul Bater, one of our Tormach community members who recently purchased a 770MX.


16 CNC Router Tips to Avoid Tearout & Splintering

02/ 16/ 2021

We’ve all experienced CNC router tearout and splintering while cutting wood at some point.

Your CNC Router is sailing along in the cut, the part is just starting to emerge from the stock and it looks awesome.  Suddenly, you hear the noise change a bit and a big chunk is splintered or torn out.


The Basics of Making Threads

02/ 10/ 2021

There is an old adage explaining all machining as plates with holes. While orientations change and hole sizes and shapes vary, at the end of the day, it’s all plates with holes. Obviously, this is an oversimplification of the complex process that is subtractive manufacturing, but it’s an amusing old chestnut.

In those series of holes, a specific type of hole that is much more challenging to create, even though it seems pretty straightforward - threaded holes.


Tormaker Community - In Conversation with Adam Graham

02/ 03/ 2021

Our mission here at Tormach is to empower people who make things, and what better way to do that by sharing the stories of the Tormaker Community - people just like you.

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