This Teacher Leverages PathPilot HUB for Real CNC Education

05/ 05/ 2021

Shop class has been in the conversation of educational funding for some time. As the U.S. has worked to reshore a number of manufacturing jobs and create new manufacturing businesses, the skills gap has become an apparent, and massive, challenge in this space.


Hollywood Movies Are Being Built with CNC

04/ 28/ 2021

The world of Hollywood movies has changed over the years. These days, you would be hard-pressed to find a movie that didn’t include some sort of computer generated prop or background, but that doesn’t mean computers can replace everything. Sometimes props and costumes need to be created. That’s where Frank Ippolito and his business, Thingergy Inc., step in.


Improving ATC Reliability with new PathPilot update

04/ 22/ 2021

PathPilot 2.7.3 improves tool change reliability by adding backlash compensation in the ATC.


Tormaker Community - In Conversation with Denis McCarthy

04/ 21/ 2021

In our latest conversation with the Tormaker Community, we caught up with Denis McCarthy who makes bespoke mechanical watches with his 1100M.  


Tormach Lands in the UK

04/ 14/ 2021

Tormach has long been engineered and supported in Waunakee, Wisconsin. In fact, the business started in 2001, just down the road from our current headquarters, when two friends had a series of casual conversations about the lack of small, quality CNC machines that were available.


Tormaker Community - In Conversation with Ian Hillier

04/ 07/ 2021

We caught up with Ian Hillier in our latest conversation with the Tormaker Community. Ian has been using Tormach since 2016, most recently the 1100MX.  

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