How Material Specific Tooling Pays Off

01/ 12/ 2022

A machinist is faced with many questions while selecting the proper tool for their job. One key decision that must be made is whether a material specific tool is appropriate and necessary for the application that’s going to be performed – whether the benefits of using this type of tool outweigh the higher price tag than that of a tool designed for use in a variety of materials. There are four main categories to consider when deciding whether a material specific tool is your best bet: internal tool geometry, coatings, material removal rates (MRR), and cost.


A New Year’s Resolution to Get More Efficient?

01/ 05/ 2022

Feeds and speeds are a moving target, which makes them difficult to pinpoint. If you ask any seasoned machinist, feeds and speeds are the one thing that plagues everybody’s work. That’s because feeds and speeds are rarely straightforward. And if you think they are straightforward, the machine is sure to prove you wrong. 


Women in Machining Are Building a Better Industry

12/ 22/ 2021

Makerspaces have long been fantastic venues for helping communities build skills, gain exposure to equipment, and even start small businesses. It’s because of this overt connection with getting started and starting up that Tormach machines have often been the go-to CNC machine for many of these spaces. 


How to Machine Titanium [Tooling, Tips, and Techniques]

12/ 07/ 2021

Discover how to machine titanium, it’s easier than you’d think, especially with CNC Cookbook's free checklist.


We're Movin' on Up

11/ 30/ 2021

Tormach has been in our current building for more than seven years, but sometimes growth and opportunity mean you have to change your surroundings.


Thankful Machinists Want These Aftermarket Goodies for the Holidays

11/ 23/ 2021

It’s that time of year once again. And let’s be honest, most of the folks reading this are looking for goodies to buy themselves for the holidays… but we figured it was easier to justify a purchase to your significant other if it was on a list from a trusted resource. Right?

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