Tormach Lands in the UK

04/ 14/ 2021

Tormach has long been engineered and supported in Waunakee, Wisconsin. In fact, the business started in 2001, just down the road from our current headquarters, when two friends had a series of casual conversations about the lack of small, quality CNC machines that were available.


Tormaker Community - In Conversation with Ian Hillier

04/ 07/ 2021

We caught up with Ian Hillier in our latest conversation with the Tormaker Community. Ian has been using Tormach since 2016, most recently the 1100MX.  


Basic Post Processor Modifications

04/ 06/ 2021

Editing Fusion’s default Tormach post processor can be a daunting task – especially for those unfamiliar with how a post processor works or those who are not comfortable with programming. Before we can look at some of the quality-of-life changes we have made to our own post processors, let’s talk about how to edit a post processor.


Louisville Slugger Brands Made with a Tormach

03/ 30/ 2021

We’re on the cusp of a new season of baseball, and that means a whole array of new bats will be hitting the field. While the world of using brass burn brand dies has given way to mass producing Louisville Sluggers insignias with lasers, many traditional professional baseball players still prefer the old-school burn brand.


Control Software: The Key Ingredient for Machine Tool Longevity

03/ 24/ 2021

What separates CNC machining from manual machining is the very important inclusion of computer control software. If you’re using CNC, the route from napkin sketch to CAD, through CAM and eventually to G-code and a controller is critical to making a part. What’s more, leveraging these tools properly is essential to realizing the maximum value of your machine.


How to Think Like a Machinist

03/ 17/ 2021

Do you think like a machinist?  Not every CNC’er does.  If I had to guess, based on what I see out on the internet, a surprisingly large number don’t.  But it’s worth learning to think like a machinist.

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