7 Ways to Avoid Breaking Taps

Is there anything worse than breaking a tap?

Crashing a CNC machine in a way that does costly damage is worse, certainly, but breaking a tap off in an expensive part that’s nearly finished has got to come in a close 2nd.

I just finished the 11th episode of CNC Chef for Cutting Tool Engineering. This video provides some insight on how to avoid breaking taps:

My seven ways to avoid breaking a tap include:

  1. Choosing the best hole size
  2. Using form taps when possible
  3. Thread mill critical and tough jobs
  4. Use purpose-made tapping lubricants
  5. Use the right tool holder
  6. Extract chips with a spiral-fluted tap
  7. Mind the depth on blind holes

Taken together these tips provide a wealth of techniques that will make breaking taps far less likely in your shop.

This post originally appeared on the CNC Cookbook blog.

Bob Warfield

Bob Warfield is the founder of the popular CNCCookbook blog and author of G-Wizard, the leading feeds and speeds calculator.