Is the Tormach 1100M the best for a home CNC mill?

10/ 13/ 2021

Sometimes you need less waffle and more facts.

That’s why we’re going to give it to you straight and help you decide if a Tormach really is for you if you’re looking for a home mill.


Keeping Track of Expenses as a Manufacturing Entrepreneur

10/ 12/ 2021

Back when we first started our CNC machining endeavor, it was just me in my garage with a Tormach 1100!


Instrument-Maker Uses 15L and 8L Lathes to Build His Business

10/ 06/ 2021

More often than not, Tormach owners start with a mill. Whether that’s a PCNC 440, 770M, or an 1100MX all depends on their cutting needs, space, and budget. But sometimes, the part that needs to get made is better off being turned.


How to Cut Your First Part with CNC

09/ 29/ 2021

Learning CNC can be a daunting task. Even if you’ve already mastered the concept of moving from napkin sketch to CAD to CAM, you still have to take raw material and cut a part… make some chips, as we say.


How to level and square your Tormach 1100M/1100MX CNC Mill

09/ 29/ 2021

An unlevel CNC mill is one of the fastest ways to ruin a great idea with poor surface finishes. The last thing you need when milling the perfect part is unexpected gouges instead of clean, crisp cuts.

Take the time to get it right.


How Fraz Labs Built a Business on Flashlights

09/ 23/ 2021

Building a new business can be an intimidating venture, especially when you only have an idea and no real experience. But, good ideas have a way of finding their way out into the world, regardless of the challenges afoot.

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