3D EXPERIENCE WORLD Brings Engineers and Teachers to CNC Education

02/ 22/ 2023

Tormach team members recently returned from 3D EXPERIENCE WORLD in Nashville, TN, and it was an event to experience. Previously known as SOLIDWORKS World, the event featured an array of CAD and CAM workshops and seminars, but the Tormach crew spent their time making all sorts of chips.


Prototyping Parts In-House Saves This Logistics Business Money

02/ 01/ 2023

Ramper Innovations is a company founded by a former cargo hold worker who saw a need for a safer way to move baggage, mail, and cargo in aircraft - not a challenge most of us are privy to as we watch luggage loaded onto the plane while listening to the safety presentation. 


Tattoo Artist Makes Hardware Art with CNC

01/ 19/ 2023

One of the most amazing parts of manufacturing is the realization that everything around us has to be made. Whether it was fabricated, machined, cast or a myriad of other processes, everything you see around you has seen some sort of manufacturing process. Because things need to be made, there are always new opportunities for entrepreneurs to develop new businesses in the manufacturing space.


2022 in Review

12/ 29/ 2022

Every year that passes means new opportunities for growth, and at Tormach we have seen some interesting new growth in 2022. As an employee-owned business, growth means reinvestment in our R&D, product development, and employees.


Concrete Company Uses ZA6 Robot for Automated Welding

12/ 07/ 2022

Tormach machines have found their way into a number of interesting industries. Some you might expect, like aerospace and mold making, but some have been uncommon industries for CNC or machine tools, like glassblowing and construction.


Things to Be Thankful for in the Shop

11/ 22/ 2022

It’s that time of year where we all take time to reflect on the things we are thankful for, and we start to make plans for the new year ahead. There is certainly an endless list of things for which we could be thankful, but in the shop, there are some very specific things we’re grateful for.

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