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Basic Post Processor Modifications

04/ 06/ 2021

Editing Fusion’s default Tormach post processor can be a daunting task – especially for those unfamiliar with how a post processor works or those who are not comfortable with programming. Before we can look at some of the quality-of-life changes we have made to our own post processors, let’s talk about how to edit a post processor.


Connect your Tormach to the Internet & Ditch Flash Drives

03/ 09/ 2021

While it sounds simple, transferring files from your CAM software to your Tormach via a flash drive can be more time consuming than you think (not to mention the time you’ll spend walking back to the machine to retrieve the drive you forgot). Let’s walk through setting your Tormach up as a network drive on your PC, allowing G-code output directly to the machine!


Getting Started With Speeds & Feeds

02/ 02/ 2021

Often one of the most daunting aspects of machining for beginners and hobbyists is developing cut recipes with the proper speeds and feeds. With a seemingly endless combination of materials, tooling, speeds, feeds, and toolpaths, getting a cut right on the first try can often seem impossible.


Tormach 24R: First Impressions

01/ 14/ 2021

Ever since Saunders Machine Works started in 2014 we’ve been using Tormach CNC mills in the shop for prototyping, job shop work, our CNC training classes, and production – so it should come as no surprise that recently we’ve been making chips on their new 24R router!


Good Things Do Come in Small Packages - Tormach xsTECH

11/ 10/ 2020

We’ve had Tormach’s relatively new xsTECH router in our shop for quite a while now, but aside from building up a few ProvenCut recipes we didn’t really get the chance to dive into this little machine – until now.


10 Years of Tormach at NYC CNC

10/ 20/ 2020


Way back in October of 2010, our NYC CNC YouTube channel was just starting to get some legs in the CNC community when we placed the order for our first Tormach mill. Fast forward ten years, we have watched this community grow – as has SMW and the Tormach product line!

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