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10 Years of Tormach at NYC CNC

10/ 20/ 2020


Way back in October of 2010, our NYC CNC YouTube channel was just starting to get some legs in the CNC community when we placed the order for our first Tormach mill. Fast forward ten years, we have watched this community grow – as has SMW and the Tormach product line!


NYC CNC's First Chips with the Tormach microARC

09/ 22/ 2020

We recently got our hands on Tormach’s new small form factor 4th Axis the microARC. Paired with some Fusion 360 beta 4th axis, this 100mm 4th axis rotary is a fantastic accessory for machinists at all levels. With a small footprint, the microARC is incredibly versatile – and its harmonic drive gearbox makes it incredibly rigid and nearly backlash-free.


Choosing the Right Computer for CAD & CAM as a Hobbyist

07/ 21/ 2020


Having the right tools for a job can be the difference between a simple task and a long, arduous job – and we’ve found this holds true in any situation. Selecting the right computer for your CAD and CAM work is, in our opinion, just as important as selecting the right CNC machine for the work you plan on doing.


Leveraging NC Programs in Fusion 360

06/ 23/ 2020

machine Fusion 360 4th Axis

What are NC Programs?

NC Programs is a relatively new feature in Fusion 360 that allows you to save post processor settings such as file name, output location, the specific post processor, CNC machine, and even which specific toolpaths or operations to post as well as various other settings.


How Makers Can Provide Support in the Midst of COVID-19

Around the world, countries are being hit hard by the COVID-19 virus. Hospitals and medical facilities are filling to capacity faster than they can discharge patients, businesses are being forced to close due to stay-at-home orders, and the world is experiencing a shortage of medical necessities such as ventilators, face masks, eye protection, and other essential PPE.


Expanding the Saunders Machine Works Fixture Plate Line

At Saunders Machine Works, we understand the value of a small machine shop. Our machining story started with a CNC mill in a small New York City apartment. With that in mind, we have begun expanding our line of fixture plates with one goal in mind: to provide products that will guide a machinist from their first CNC mill through their first VMC.

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