John Saunders Talks Bootstrapping

Starting a business can be a challenge, even for John Saunders of NYC CNC.

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John started his journey to being a YouTube machinist by not being able to participate in engineering and manufacturing conversations. His first product forced him into the world of CNC, and he’s been enamored ever since.

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At Tormach’s 3rd annual Open House, John talked about how he managed to keep his business nimble and growing thanks to his Tormach equipment. His talk about bootstrapping provides some real insight into how he got started and how other CNC enthusiasts can do the same.

Chris Fox

Chris comes from a publishing background with years of experience in science, technology, and engineering publications. Previously an editor with Product Design and Development and Gizmag, he has a keen eye on the maker community and the changing landscape of the world of prototyping, product development, and small-scale manufacturing. Chris has been working with clients to create Tormach's customer success stories since 2013. Follow him on Twitter @TheChris_Fox

Chris Fox