Manufacturing at SOLIDWORKS World 2019

If you’ve designed something in CAD, you’re probably at least familiar with SOLIDWORKS. We’ve had a long-running partnership with SOLIDWORKS and we’ve connected their newer SOLIDWORKS CAM package to Tormach post-processors with the help of GoEngineer.

Every year, SOLIDWORKS hosts a big event to teach their users about everything that the software has to offer, as well as showcase their partners – SOLIDWORKS World.

The week of February 10-13, we’ll be on the show floor in Dallas, Texas, helping to make some really cool parts for the ”
SOLIDWORKS Factory Floor.”

We’ll be sharing the space with some other great manufacturing and machine tool companies, as we work to create this year’s large demo.

Last year we help make a custom shifter knob out of aluminum, but this year, the demo is much bigger.

On the floor, we’ll be making chips with a 15L Slant-PRO lathe and an 1100M mill, and helping to make a fully constructed engine.

Be sure to check out our YouTube channel later this week for some cutting footage of this year’s demo, and hopefully we’ll see you in Dallas!

Chris Fox

Chris comes from a publishing background with years of experience in science, technology, and engineering publications. Previously an editor with Product Design and Development and Gizmag, he has a keen eye on the maker community and the changing landscape of the world of prototyping, product development, and small-scale manufacturing. Chris has been working with clients to create Tormach's customer success stories since 2013. Follow him on Twitter @TheChris_Fox

Chris Fox