8L Lathes Are Performing in the Wild

11/ 16/ 2021

A little less than one year ago, we announced the 8L Lathe would be joining the Tormach family of machines. Now a little less than 12 months later, we are starting to see what the 8L is capable of out in the wild.


Tormach ZA6 - Not Your Typical Machine Tending Robot

11/ 09/ 2021


The new Tormach ZA6 robot can be used for a number of different applications, so when it entered the beta phase, we weren’t exactly sure what our testers were going to do with it.


Set Up QC Reminders on your Tormach

11/ 02/ 2021

Any time you are machining parts that interface with other components (spoiler alert: almost ALL parts!), tolerances can be critically important! Equally as important is checking these tolerances – the more frequently you do so, the less likely you are to scrap – or even worse, send out - bad parts.


Section 179 Makes Tormach Machines Even More Affordable

10/ 28/ 2021

If you run a small business - or want to start running a small business - taxes are always an important challenge to consider. You have to know where you can take tax breaks and where they don’t fit your organization.


How to prepare your workshop for a Tormach 1100M/1100MX CNC machine

10/ 27/ 2021

Tormach was founded on the idea that hobbyists and professional engineers alike should be able to access affordable, capable CNC machines that are easy to learn, use and install. That’s why a Tormach is perfect if you’re looking for an extra machine in your workshop or you want to get your CNC projects off the ground from home.


Right-to-Repair Saves You Money

10/ 20/ 2021

There was a recent YouTube mini-documentary about why McDonalds’ ice cream machines are “always broken.”  

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