Tips for Using Mist Coolant

03/ 05/ 2019

air cutting Mist Coolant

Using mist coolant can be really useful when you want to actually see what you're cutting or you just want a lower-maintenance solution, since a Fogbuster doesn't require coolant management and evaporation isn't a concern.


Coolant and Cutting Tools: How to Choose the Right System for the Job

Selecting the right coolant for the job may seem straight forward, but there had to be a reason there are so many options, so I started digging around. Here’s what I learned:


EAA AirVenture Wrapup

Since 1970, Oshkosh, Wisconsin has hosted EAA AirVenture, the world’s largest air show. Over 10,000 planes land at Wittman Field to make it the busiest airport in the world during the week of the show.  Many of these planes are kit- or scratch- built, and some of the coolest events of the show are the seminars and workshops on welding, composite layup, metalworking and other pertinent topics.


Eliminate the Haze with the Fog Buster

Tormach has partnered with FogBuster to bring the best mist (actually, zero mist!) coolant system to the Tormach Site. If you've used other misting systems before, you surely understand how quickly they can fog up the entire shop without a serious ventilation system.  For a small garage or basement shop, they're nearly impractical.

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