An Automatic Bandsaw for Shop Efficiency Means Making More Money

People that know Tormach know us as a CNC machine tool company. Our 1100 mill has been the flagship machine for our company for more than a decade, but we have recently made our way into the world of fabrication with our AF50 Autofeed Bandsaw.


Why an Automated Bandsaw Will Save You Money

When operating a machining or fabrication shop, every dollar counts. Most shops have a bandsaw in their equipment lineup to alleviate the cost of getting custom-cut lengths from a metal supplier. While having a bandsaw is useful, it can still be a drag on your checkbook because of the manual labor required. Normal bandsaws have a simple design: you lift the blade, set up the stock, fire up the saw, check the hydraulic cylinder so the blade doesn’t fall too fast for the metal you’re cutting, and let the saw do its thing. After the stock is cut, you need to repeat much of that process, which means you need someone in your shop babysitting the saw. While automatic bandsaws have been available to free up the operator manning the process, their pricing of $20K and up didn’t make them a money-saving option. Even a used automatic saw can cost around $10K. Until now. The Tormach AF50 Autofeed Bandsaw is currently in beta, and things are going well! With the AF50, you can program up to 999 strokes, meaning there’s no longer a need for a dedicated operator to spend valuable time and effort cutting raw materials. And, even if you’re on a budget, it'll be available for under $7K. [youtube]NMDSmxCKp6c[/youtube] Our bandsaw can save you money in three major ways:


That’s a Wrap for Tormach Tech Days 2017

After two days of classes, seminars, CNC convos, and making some serious chips, Tormach Tech Days has wrapped up! There was a lot that happened on Saturday, August 5th, including presentations from our Tormach Brand Ambassadors and friends of Tormach, as well as a new product announcement. If you missed it, here’s what happened. [youtube]_ewObm06LDM[/youtube] Ray Billings let a few Tormach employees drive his 30 lb combat robot, Soylent Green, after we drooled over his 250 lb robot, Tombstone. [youtube]hO_FYptAR1g[/youtube] We hosted a number of in-depth classes with the Tormach Experts, alongside John Saunders and Autodesk. John Saunders also talked about marketing in the manufacturing industry, giving some insight into his own business and how he operates his YouTube channel. The Hacksmith inspired the crowd with engineering as he spoke about how he came to be The Hacksmith. Robert Cowan talked about what it means the be a hobby machinist and how he’s been using his PCNC 440. We ran a work cell demo to showcase several Tormach machines, especially our new automated bandsaw, the Tormach AF50. The bandsaw features portability, hydraulic feed control, and programmable automatic workpiece positioning. The pre-production model was on display during the event, and we are getting ready to ramp up a beta program. Think you could use an automated bandsaw in your shop? 

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