Stop! Don't Take That Part Off the Machine Just Yet!

Your G-code program has ended and all looks well with the part. What’s your next move? For most, the next move is to pull the part out of the machine and chuck up another blank to start machining the next part. But, depending on how well debugged your manufacturing process is, and it isn’t very debugged if this is a one-off part you’re making for the first time, you may want to avoid pulling the part out just yet. Why? Because the easiest time to rework the part, assuming it needs any rework, is while it is still in the original setup where the original work was done.


6 Go-To Resources to Make You a Better Machinist

The Internet can be a wasteland of information, but it can also be incredibly helpful – the challenge is navigating through it to find the most valuable and accurate information. How-tos, and general knowledge about CNC and machining can be even more challenging to navigate. While there are piles of resources to help you discover your machining prowess, these are our top resources to help make anybody a better machinist.


Face Milling on the PCNC 1100

Perhaps one of the few topics that isn't done justice on the internet (in my slightly biased opinion, at least) is metal cutting - especially from a novice perspective. A few months ago, I was surprised to realize that some of our most popular Youtube videos have been aimed towards beginners.

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