Tech and Spectacle Intersect at Two Bit Circus

As if the name didn’t give it away, Two Bit Circus is not your traditional engineering firm. The company places itself on the crux of developing technology and interfaces that are just too difficult to fake. Live-action video games, virtual reality experiences, and the cutting edge entertainment for groups are what make Two Bit Circus a whole new kind of company.


In a Busy Week, Tormach Talks at MIT, Saunders Teaches at Autodesk University

There were Tormach employees all over the country last week, from Autodesk University in Las Vegas to talking makerspaces at MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Some spent last week in the glitz and glam of Las Vegas… but really, we only saw the inside of the Sands Convention Center where Tormach Brand Ambassador, John Saunders, spent the week teaching CAM and machining.


Fast Prototypes for Fast Motorcycles

The world of manufacturing and fabrication is incredibly broad and fast-moving. It gets even faster in the world of custom cars and motorcycles. Scott Phillips works full time at a manufacturing facility with industrial CNC machines, but then he comes home and creates an array of custom parts. He's used his PCNC 1100 to make unique parts, brackets, and harnesses for a local motorcycle company, and he's done some improvising along the way with indexing and various forms of prototyping. With the mill in his garage, he can tackle prototyping projects faster than in the larger industrial shop.


Former Mythbuster Gets a Tormach Mill

He's been a Mythbuster, in the movies, on BattleBots, built superhero tools, and now, Grant Imahara owns a PCNC 770. Grant started his journey down the road of making and mythbusting after graduating from the University of Southern California with a degree in electrical engineering.


11 Metalworking Masters of YouTube

In today's era of instant access, the world of CNC and metalworking has become easier to access than ever. Even if you're a professionally trained machinist or a welding tradesman,


Battlebots with Hanover High

08/ 05/ 2009

Robots Customer Projects

Combat robotics with Hannover High School Engineering (Hanover, MA) from this year's National Competition. Great Job! Can't wait to see what the team does next year.

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