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02/ 11/ 2020

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One thing that we are always focused on here at Tormach is continuous improvement. That’s why the majority of our staff are engineers and machinists, why we make our machines upgradeable, and why we are always looking for new ways to make manufacturing more approachable.


Tormach’s Star-Studded Tour of L.A.

Los Angeles is full of stars, but what’s more, are the number of innovative and uncommon customers that Tormach has in the area. We spent last week touring around the L.A. metropolitan area talking to some of those customers and learning just how they use their Tormach machinery.


Tantalum: My New Favorite Metal?

We recently had a customer ask about the PCNC 770 and its cutting capabilities. After some conversation about the machine’s ability to cut anything that you can put under the spindle – it all just depends on feeds, speeds, and how long it takes to cut – the customer cut to the chase: “Can it mill Tantalum?”


The Biggest Misconception About CNC Machining

Whether you’re a CNC veteran or you just discovered this amazing tool, everybody has had to start somewhere. I’ve talked to a number of Tormach customers, and the stories vary widely.


Knifemaking the Tormach Way

After an injury while serving time in the military, Phil Rose found himself delving into the world of knifemaking. His business, Phil Rose Knives, operates as a partnership between Phil and his father, and they use a Tormach PCNC 1100 to produce their custom knives.


CNC Machined Rotisserie Attachment Improves the BBQ Grilling Experience

Before joining Tormach as a Machinist and CNC Workshop Instructor, Eric Andersen was injured on the job as a structural Iron Worker.

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