Get to Know Your Cutting Tool: 3-Flute CrN Coated Performance End Mills

Application: General-purpose Aluminum and Brass machining, both roughing and finishing. Recommended Surface Speed: Up to 1200 SFM in Aluminum Alloy. We've recently started offering a line of 3-flute CrN coated end mills that our machinists really enjoy. These tools have 3-flutes with a cutting geometry optimized for aluminum machining, but what really sets them apart is the performance CrN coating. There are four main considerations when evaluating a cutting tool coating:


Soapstone Machining, Part 2

Late last month, I posted about the soapstone carving that Jeff Rasnake does with his Tormach PCNC 1100.  Mostly, I wanted to show off some of his creative fixturing methods for big heavy things (like the picture above). It turned out that lots of blog readers were interested in the actually details of soapstone machining - feeds, speeds, tool selection, etc.  I reached out to Jeff again and he was kind enough respond.

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