Making Household Art with a Tormach 1300PL Plasma Table

05/ 25/ 2023

Plasma cutting is, more often than not, connected to the world of fabrication and welding. And for good reason - they involve similar tools, techniques, and skill sets. That doesn’t mean a little art can’t be injected into making plasma-cut parts, especially when you’re using CNC plasma equipment like the Tormach 1300PL.


Prototyping Motorcycle Suspension Systems Makes Business Sense with a Tormach CNC Mill

05/ 18/ 2023

Fabbro Industries, located in upstate New York, is carving out a niche by developing suspension solutions and small-batch runs of custom architecture components for their customers. Terence Musto, the founder and owner of Fabbro Industries, shared his journey from finance to the world of custom motorcycle and bicycle building, and suspension technology.


Tattoo Artist Makes Hardware Art with CNC

01/ 19/ 2023

One of the most amazing parts of manufacturing is the realization that everything around us has to be made. Whether it was fabricated, machined, cast or a myriad of other processes, everything you see around you has seen some sort of manufacturing process. Because things need to be made, there are always new opportunities for entrepreneurs to develop new businesses in the manufacturing space.


Using CNC and a 4th Axis for Knifemaking

11/ 09/ 2022

Knifemaking is a popular art amongst Tormach owners. Years ago, the Grimsmo brothers brought attention to how easily a small business can start making quality knives with access to Tormach equipment.


Prosthetic Innovation with Multiple Tormach Machines

04/ 07/ 2022

Innovation and efficient manufacturing is essential for any business to succeed, but it is especially important in the world of medical devices. Those with limb differences are often presented with varying challenges from accessibility to prosthetics to making sure those devices fit and function properly.


STEM Education in Nigeria Gains a Foothold with an 1100M Mill

03/ 08/ 2022

CNC Education

Educational spaces are always looking for better (and less expensive) ways to teach and provide access to real tools. That’s why Tormach has always had a foot in the world of teaching CNC, whether we’re talking about folks using our machines to teach machining, like John Saunders, or STEM educators using the machines in a more traditional classroom environment. Providing approachable, capable machines has been the goal of Tormach from the beginning.

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