Prosthetic Innovation with Multiple Tormach Machines

04/ 07/ 2022

Innovation and efficient manufacturing is essential for any business to succeed, but it is especially important in the world of medical devices. Those with limb differences are often presented with varying challenges from accessibility to prosthetics to making sure those devices fit and function properly.


STEM Education in Nigeria Gains a Foothold with an 1100M Mill

03/ 08/ 2022

CNC Education

Educational spaces are always looking for better (and less expensive) ways to teach and provide access to real tools. That’s why Tormach has always had a foot in the world of teaching CNC, whether we’re talking about folks using our machines to teach machining, like John Saunders, or STEM educators using the machines in a more traditional classroom environment. Providing approachable, capable machines has been the goal of Tormach from the beginning.


8L Lathes Are Performing in the Wild

11/ 16/ 2021

A little less than one year ago, we announced the 8L Lathe would be joining the Tormach family of machines. Now a little less than 12 months later, we are starting to see what the 8L is capable of out in the wild.


Tormach ZA6 - Not Your Typical Machine Tending Robot

11/ 09/ 2021


The new Tormach ZA6 robot can be used for a number of different applications, so when it entered the beta phase, we weren’t exactly sure what our testers were going to do with it.


Making Off-Road Equipment with Tormach’s 1300PL Plasma Table

06/ 08/ 2021

Here at Tormach, we don’t just engineer great products, we use them too!


Hollywood Movies Are Being Built with CNC

04/ 28/ 2021

The world of Hollywood movies has changed over the years. These days, you would be hard-pressed to find a movie that didn’t include some sort of computer generated prop or background, but that doesn’t mean computers can replace everything. Sometimes props and costumes need to be created. That’s where Frank Ippolito and his business, Thingergy Inc., step in.

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