Using Multiple Spindle Options

It’s fairly common to find machines that have multiple spindle options available. I don’t mean that you can specify multiple options, but that there are actual multiple options delivered with the machine. A very simple example would be multiple pulley ratios. More exotic would be sub-spindles, for example a high-speed auxiliary spindle or speeder on a mill. How does G-Wizard handle multiple spindle options? The easiest thing to do is just to add more machine profiles, where each profile corresponds to one of the options. I recently had a customer approach me about setting up for a Kress high-speed sub-spindle he had mounted on his Tormach for acrylic work. Mounting an auxiliary high-speed spindle, such as the Kress or a trim router, is a very common thing to do, and it can add a lot of flexibility. The high-speed spindle is perfect for Barnett’s gorgeous custom car badge work. It’s all 3D profiling with small endmills and small step overs, so being able to keep the feedrates and RPMs up with the faster spindle really helps get the work done a lot faster. By the way, if you like the idea we’ve got a whole page of similar auxiliary high-speed spindle rigs to give you some inspiration to create your own. Getting back to our story, Tormach sells an inexpensive kit to clamp a Kress high-speed spindle to the PCNC 1100 spindle. And here’s the additional profile I had my customer create for the Kress spindle. The steps required to create this profile were simple. After going to the Setup Tab:


Tormach Fab Lab: How to use a Companion Horizontal Spindle

  You can set up a companion spindle with our Horizontal Spindle Arm Mount for milling in the XZ (G18) or YZ (G19) plane.  This can be a great technique for doing light milling on the end of a very long workpiece.  In this episode of Tormach Fab Lab, Mike C. demonstrates how to get this setup right.   [youtube][/youtube]   You can now also model this setup in SprutCAM by taking advantage of the brand new Tormach PCNC machine definitions in SputCAM 8.  Here's a video that shows how to get that started as well.   [youtube][/youtube]   Want to try this out for yourself?  We've got the Kress High Speed Spindle and all of the mounting clamps and brackets for sale here: Tormach eStore - Companion Spindles More Tormach Fab Lab Videos:

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