Making Rocket Parts with a Slant-PRO Lathe

Luke Colby is a veteran of the space industry – he has both a BS and MS in Aerospace Engineering, he founded the BU Rocket Team at Boston University, worked in the combustion lab as a Master’s student at Georgia Tech, previously worked for Scaled Composites (an aerospace company owned by Northrop Grumman), and now he’s the president and CEO of Triton Space Technologies.


Tormach Lathe Tooling Just Got a Little Easier

As Matt Doepers, Tormach’s engineering and technical manager, says, “Lathe tooling is like a big bowl of pudding. You can stick your hands in and pull a lot out, without ever fully grasping anything.” You can stumble on something that will work, but finding robust solutions can be a lifelong craft and educational endeavor.


Tormach Fab Lab: Working with a Quick Change Tool Post for Lathe

In this new Tormach Fab Lab episode, we're showing the basics to setting up a Quick Change tool post on a CNC Lathe.    The QC toolpost kit for our 15L Slant-PRO CNC lathe is size CXA, which holds 3/4" tools.  There are many different styles QC tool holders that you can purchase for this post, but the three used the most are:

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