How to Crash Your CNC Mill (Responsibly)

Mistakes Happen: Turning Student Crashes into Teachable Moments with Your CNC Mill

College freshman are immersed in new experiences at the start of the fall semester – their first time away from home, shopping on a budget, and, many times, their first time coming face to face with a CNC machine. We’ve all seen them. Their hands shake terrified they’re going to break something. So – why not let them? Just like other parts of their first-year experience, freshmen are going to learn the limits of CNC machining by going a little too fast, pushing a little too far. In a controlled environment with you watching them crash a CNC machine, this can help them gain that level of confidence they’re going to need as they learn the theory of CNC milling and turning. Just like cars, some CNC machines crash better than others, and here’s a guide to not busting your budget as students learn to machine, the hard way. 


Robot Builder and Former MythBuster Takes to CNC

His credentials include MythBusters, BattleBots, and working as a Disney Imagineer -- it goes without saying that Grant Imahara knows what he's doing when it comes to making stuff.


CNC Projects: Free, Classroom-Friendly Archive to Fuel Student Imaginations

Experiential education started to emerge in the 1980s, but it seems like technical education teachers knew this long before all the research was published. Keeping content fresh and finding projects students are interested in is a hurdle that seems to get consistently harder to overcome. Tormach just released its project library to help you do just that. This online database is already loaded with projects, and each includes step-by-step directions, a materials list, CAM files, CAD files, and g-code compatible with Tormach machines. This means all the leg work of creating a CAD model, perfecting tool paths in CAM, and figuring out what tooling is best for each project has already been done for you – all you need to do is review the files, load the machine with tools, make sure work and tool offsets are measured properly, and press 'Cycle Start’! The Projects Library is constantly growing, with fresh projects and new ideas that are submitted from Tormach staff, customers, and our Brand Ambassadors. If you have ideas you’d like to see turned into projects, reach out to us at, so we can turn your ideas into tangible projects with the help of our engineering and technical team members. If you create one of our projects, be sure to share and tag us in social media! Let’s make some chips!


Learn to Turn in New Tormach Lathe Workshop

Special Discount - Save $600 on First Class, Scheduled Nov. 8-10 Tormach has always prided itself on providing approachable and affordable machines to anyone who has the desire to make things, or operate a small shop. Education is a key part of this accessibility mission, and for more than a decade, we’ve helped customers of all backgrounds learn the fundamentals of milling in our popular CNC Fundamentals Workshop. So, why not lathes? That’s what our customers have been asking us, and we’ve developed the Lathe Fundamentals Workshop to help you realize the potential of your 15L Slant-PRO and to work through any of the learning curves lathes can present, such as tooling, and workholding. The workshop series will launch in November, and all courses will include:


From Proton Packs to R2-D2: Movie Prop Replicas with Tormach

Jesse Hayes is the co-founder of a video game company, S2 Games, and owner of Puzzlebox Entertainment, but he’s also an artist and maker when it comes to movie props.


Learning to Turn at the Tormach Lathe Workshop

We hosted our first Slant-PRO workshop last weekend, here at Tormach World Headquarters in Waunakee, WI. This free Saturday event provided current and future 15L Slant-PRO lathe owners an opportunity to learn the ins and outs of CNC lathe and check out the lathe product line firsthand. Throughout the day, visitors attended five seminars with the Tormach machine tool specialists and special guest presenter George Bahn. As an industrial professional, George is an expert in gang tooling and works on large lathes at Honeywell. He was a key consultant with our engineering team during the development of the 15L Slant-PRO lathes. The seminars started with workholding and tooling basics, followed by everything from tool offsets to conversational programming, as well as a guided overview of lathe programming with SprutCAM 9. The experts provided tips and experienced knowledge, which rarely translates properly in books and online, in two live cutting demos. Beyond the set agenda, there was a lot of information, networking, and personal experience shared amongst the attendees. Don’t miss your next chance to visit Tormach, during our 2nd annual open house event on Saturday, August 1. This event is open to the public and will feature a number of informative seminars on Tormach products and CNC in general. As we prepare for future events and seminars, what would you want to learn at one of our workshops?

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