Pioneer Maker Adds PCNC 440 to His Arsenal of Tools

Mike Dubno has been a maker since before making was a thing. “I’ve been involved in the maker movement before there was one, but in a different way than a machinist or something like that,” he explains.


Ring Light Comparison - Tormach Pro- Ring Light vs. Generic Ring Light

I noticed there were a few questions about this over on CNCZone, so I thought I'd post this photo to show the difference that the Nichia SuperBright LEDs make in our Tormach Special Pro Ring Light.  Here's a quick side-by-side comparison of our Tormach Pro Ring Light vs. the ones they sell at Woodcraft, Princess Auto, Harbor Freight, etc. Ours is the one on the right. You can buy it here.


LED Spindle Collar (the non-DIY version)

Let there be light! Thanks for this tip from reader Bill B. in Canada - he found the following spindle light clamp from Princess Auto and says it works great on his PCNC 1100 Spindle:   Princess Auto Drill Press Work Light - On sale this week! We also found a similar product at Woodcraft stores in the USA over the weekend, although the price isn't quite as attractive. Woodcraft Drill Press Light We briefly tried it out ourselves and liked it as well -the word is still out on how well it will hold up to coolant, but no problems so far. PS:  If you missed it earlier this month, here is the DIY-version.

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