Digital Machinist 2011 CNC Workshop

Just got a note that registration is filling up fast, so mark your calendars- We'll be attending the Digital Machinist CNC Workshop again this year, June 21-24.


SuperSoft Jaw Remix (Ridiculous Egg Example)

My first SuperSoft Jaw movie was a good example for thin parts. But it neglected to show another strength - securely holding on to delicate objects for light machine work.


New Features in Vectric VCarve Pro 6

Vectric VCarve Pro 6 was just released last week (along with a new version of its big brother, Aspire 3). While Vectric products fall firmly in the camp of "Specialty" CAM, they still have a lot to offer for the CNC machinist - they are a superior choice for engraving, relief carving, and other similar tasks.

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