Maker Communities and the Tormach PCNC 1100

After getting his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees, Chris Meyer wanted to do something different with his mechanical engineering expertise – he founded Sector 67, a maker space in Madison, WI.


Tormach Hits the Bay Area

05/ 17/ 2018

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If you haven’t heard, the Bay Area Maker Faire is this weekend (May 18-20) in San Mateo, California, and we’re going to be there.


Making in the Big City

Here at Tormach, we always welcome customers (and potential customers) to come visit our facilities near Madison, WI, but sometimes it’s easier for us to make an appearance at various events. This past weekend, Tormach employees were all over the map. Saturday and Sunday we showed off the PCNC 440 just down the highway from Tormach Headquarters at the Milwaukee Maker Faire. The event was held at the Wisconsin State Fair grounds and exhibited everything from lightening in a box to working replicas of R2-D2. Also over the weekend, a Tormach crew found themselves at the second largest Maker Faire that Make: Magazine hosts, in New York. While we were milling fidget spinners and talking shop, there was still a lot to see in and around the New York Hall of Science. The Maker Faire events attract both young and old inventors and makers, and gives some folks their first opportunity to see many machine tools first-hand and ask questions. The International Symposium on Academic Makerspaces (ISAM) is still happening in Cleveland, OH at Case Western Reserve University, where a Tormach team is busy introducing academics and makerspace creators to the world of CNC. This event is a collaborative effort by several universities, including Yale, MIT, and Berkeley, among others, to help educational institutions develop makerspaces and provide more hands-on opportunities to students and teachers. Tormach is teaching a class at this event, where we're taking attendees from art to part, so they can experience exactly what goes into machining a part – we taught a similar class during Tormach Tech Days at the beginning of August. Coming up, we’ll be at Gamehole Con in Madison, WI on November 2-5 with a PCNC 440.


3 Ways You Can Make a Knife

Walter Sorrells is a professional bladesmith and a YouTube knife maker. His channel focuses on teaching the processes of making knives and exposing the world to everything that is involved in the knife making process. Sorrells recently bought a PCNC 770 to help him produce and standardize his line of Tactix Armory knives.


Maker Faire: Live Demos and the World's Largest Show-and-Tell

Last weekend, Tormach showed off a PCNC 440 just down the road at the Madison Maker Faire. With local maker celebrities, like Ben Heck and ArcAttack (Tesla Coil Music), as well as our two local makerspaces (Sector67 and The Bodgery), the event brought in over 4,000 eager makers.


11 Metalworking Masters of YouTube

In today's era of instant access, the world of CNC and metalworking has become easier to access than ever. Even if you're a professionally trained machinist or a welding tradesman, YouTube is a resource that has become vital to improving your work and skills. Here are 11 metalworking masters on YouTube, that might help you take your machining and metalworking to the next level. [youtube]C8J7jae917E[/youtube] Ebbco does a lot of tips and tricks on his channel, but he also spends a great deal of time making some cool custom car parts. [youtube]5xmEyFmT5Oo[/youtube] OxTool provides a video journal of his daily life, spent designing and building special tools, instruments, and mechanical devices for the scientific, medical, product development, and metal working industries. [youtube]AJVKOHPe9tw[/youtube] Lisa Winter is a Tormach Brand Ambassador and a participant in ABC's BattleBots. Her channel is just getting off the ground, but she knows her stuff and plans to show off some interesting builds. [youtube]Dx0Ta1rkVkU[/youtube] Jason Hughes was one of the first to pick up a PCNC 440. His channel shows off some of his coolest builds and how he uses his Tormach machine. [youtube]qMrlyEreba8[/youtube] This Old Tony is a DIYer that just likes to make things. With his comedic overtones, Tony walks you through all sorts of builds; from an end mill grinding fixture to a custom espresso pot. [youtube]fX_iVjlXMr8[/youtube] Inspiration Metalworks runs his own shop and shows off the progress of his projects using a PCNC 440 and a 15L Slant-PRO lathe. [youtube]SRq9rWUtA7s[/youtube] S2Jesse makes everything from robots to movie prop replicas to knives with his PCNC 1100, 15L Slant-PRO lathe, and his PSG 612 grinder, and he documents it all through his YouTube channel.

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