How to Survive IMTS With NYC CNC

Next week is the International Manufacturing Trade Show, IMTS, which is the world's largest manufacturing trade show event. The week starts on Sunday (9/9), when I will be hosting the Manufacturing Entrepreneurship Summit at mHub, which is right down the road from IMTS. Then it's on to IMTS! This show is huge, and the days can be long. There is so much to see that you don't want to miss anything. So, here are some tips on how to survive IMTS 2018!


Introducing the Tormach 1100M and 770M

06/ 05/ 2018

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About two months ago, we spent some time at the filming of BattleBots, and our experienced team helped builders get their robots fixed after some brutal fights. While we were there, a few folks noticed that the 1100 on site looked different than a Series 3 PCNC 1100.


Tormach Hits the Bay Area

05/ 17/ 2018

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If you haven’t heard, the Bay Area Maker Faire is this weekend (May 18-20) in San Mateo, California, and we’re going to be there.


Adding a New Element of Automation to Our 15L Slant-PRO Lathe

In the world of CNC, automation is important. Using CNC, we can make all sorts of products, widgets, and parts quickly and consistently, but we can streamline that process even more by adding automation. While CNC allows the production of complex parts and organic shapes with your mill or lathe, it also gives you the ability to cut parts without touching the machine. Hit Cycle Start and your part(s) are ready in short order. On a mill equipped with an automatic tool changer, you can set up your workholding to produce a large number of parts without having to go back to your machine. But on a lathe with a turret or gang tooling, that automation is restricted by your stock, unless you have a method to pull more raw material into the machine between cycles. We’ve addressed both issues with our new Automatic Collet Closer for the 15L Slant-PRO lathe, and a self-adjusting bar puller! A traditional lathe collet closer is a lever-actuated unit which you use to manually open and close the collet mechanism holding your work. Our automatic collet closer is controlled through the PathPilot interface, which means the control system can open and close the collet for you. During a program, you can add a program stop to pause the lathe and switch out stock, or switch sides of the stock for different ops. With this automatic collet closer system, adjusting clamping pressure becomes much easier, too. By simply adjusting the regulator, you can refine the clamping pressure on your part and keep it consistent. To fully automate a program, add a bar puller. With a bar puller, you can add an operation in your program to cut off a part, grab the stock, pull it to a designated length, and continue cutting parts. Not only does this allow you to make more parts without ever touching the machine, it can improve your cycle times. Save production time and improve repeatability with the Automatic Collet Closer for 15L Slant-PRO lathe paired with a bar puller. Both are available now!


SolidWorks CAM Meets Tormach Machines

Over the years, we’ve developed a number of awesome relationships with various vendors, organizations, and YouTubers. Every partnership has helped us further our goal of enabling the ideas of our customers, which is why from February 4 to 7 we’ll be showcasing our products at SolidWorks World in Los Angeles.


The PCNC 440 ATC Is Now Available

The beta testing is over and the automatic tool changer for the PCNC 440 is now for sale!  Now you can take your small mill to the next level with some extra automation. After a fairly extensive beta program, we were able to work out any kinks and make the ATC the best it could be. One of our beta testers, Jason Hughes, is the owner at Sandhill CNC and an energetic Tormach user. He was one of the first to start posting videos and photos of his Beta ATC in action. [youtube]5cH_42p1W2I[/youtube] “I was surprised at how well the ATC performed at the beta level,” Hughes explains. “I really enjoyed being a beta tester. I was happy to share my thoughts with the Tormach Engineers and with people on social media. I would definitely recommend applying to be a beta tester to friends.” Now, Hughes is utilizing his ATC on a daily basis, whether it’s for one-off parts or small production runs. “It really shines when you have multiple tool changes on a setup that only run for a few seconds. With no ATC, you have to spend the entire time in front of the machine. With the ATC, I can work on other parts or projects on the bench while the ATC does the work for me.” [youtube]YJgmvjnLYAY[/youtube] Now, everybody can get their hands on an ATC for their PCNC 440, thanks to a rigorous beta program and insightful beta testers like Hughes. “I like being able to express my opinion on any changes that need done or how well something is working,” Hughes says. “I jumped on the opportunity to beta test PathPilot 2.0, as well.” We welcome those who are interested in joining our Beta Testing Program! We are preparing two beta tests right now, one for PathPilot 2.0 and one for our new AF50 bandsaw.

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