Work Hardening & Strain Hardening - A Machinist’s Guide

06/ 14/ 2022

What Does Strain Hardening or Work Hardening Mean?

Strain hardening, or work hardening as it is more often called, is the hardening of metal by plastic deformation.  It can be a problem or a benefit in metalworking.  Learn what it is and how to avoid or encourage it in this article.


What is the Difference Between Plasma Cutting, Waterjet, and Laser Cutting?

06/ 09/ 2022

At first glance, using a plasma cutter, a water jet, or a laser cutter might seem awfully similar. And to a certain degree, they are. All three predominantly use two axes and are often used for large, flat work - signs come to mind more often than anything.


A Few Need-to-Knows for Simplifying Your CNC Workholding

04/ 29/ 2022

Workholding (also known as fixturing) is one of the most complicated parts of CNC machining. But, like many complicated things, the devil is in the details. Sometimes, it can appear straightforward - like clamping your part in a vise - until you realize that you need to bite into the part more or you want to get more efficient with loading/unloading.


A New Year’s Resolution to Get More Efficient?

01/ 05/ 2022

Feeds and speeds are a moving target, which makes them difficult to pinpoint. If you ask any seasoned machinist, feeds and speeds are the one thing that plagues everybody’s work. That’s because feeds and speeds are rarely straightforward. And if you think they are straightforward, the machine is sure to prove you wrong. 


Section 179 Makes Tormach Machines Even More Affordable

10/ 28/ 2021

If you run a small business - or want to start running a small business - taxes are always an important challenge to consider. You have to know where you can take tax breaks and where they don’t fit your organization.


a 4th Axis Is for More Than Just Special Use Scenarios

09/ 16/ 2021

Adding a 4th axis to your arsenal of accessories might seem intimidating, but it can add a whole new perspective to your CNC machining. The extra axis does more than just give you an extra degree of freedom while cutting, it can help you save time and money on your machine.

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