NYC CNC's First Chips with the Tormach microARC

09/ 22/ 2020

We recently got our hands on Tormach’s new small form factor 4th Axis the microARC. Paired with some Fusion 360 beta 4th axis, this 100mm 4th axis rotary is a fantastic accessory for machinists at all levels. With a small footprint, the microARC is incredibly versatile – and its harmonic drive gearbox makes it incredibly rigid and nearly backlash-free.


Essentials for Cutting Stainless Steel on Your Tormach Mill

09/ 09/ 2020

If you’ve ever made parts out of stainless steel, you know that it can be a challenge to cut. Not only is stainless hard, but often, if you’re using this material, you want to get a nice surface finish. That combined challenge means there are a few things to consider.


Outsourcing vs Buying a Machine for Prototyping: Why This Aerospace Company Chose to Do Things In-House

09/ 02/ 2020

DarkAero is a small aerospace company based in Madison, WI that is looking to create a personal aircraft that the user purchases in components and builds themselves. While this isn’t a new concept in the world of experimental aircraft, DarkAero is looking to go further and faster.


Turning With Your Mill - This Accessory Adds Turning to Your 770 or 1100

Have you ever wanted to add a lathe to your shop, but just didn’t have the room?


Six Things You Need to Know About CNC Fixturing

Fixturing is arguably one of the most complex and challenging (yet fun) parts of machining. Having the proper workholding and fixturing can make or break a production run, but in some cases, it can even break your part.


Choosing the Right Computer for CAD & CAM as a Hobbyist

07/ 21/ 2020


Having the right tools for a job can be the difference between a simple task and a long, arduous job – and we’ve found this holds true in any situation. Selecting the right computer for your CAD and CAM work is, in our opinion, just as important as selecting the right CNC machine for the work you plan on doing.

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