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CNC Machined Rotisserie Attachment Improves the BBQ Grilling Experience

Before joining Tormach as a Machinist and CNC Workshop Instructor, Eric Andersen was injured on the job as a structural Iron Worker. While recovering and attending Madison Area Technical College to receive his machining certification, Andersen spent a lot of time grilling out in his backyard. “One of my favorite meals is a shish kabob,” said Andersen. “One thing I noticed was the meat always sticks to the grill, the veggies always finish cooking before the meat, and when you try to flip or turn the skewer, pieces always fall off.” Describing the moment as a “mind blowing” idea, Andersen decided to build an attachment for the rotisserie on his grill that constantly kept the shish kabobs rotating off the surface of the grill and in the process cooking the contents of the skewer intact.

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