Tools versus Concepts: Ideas on how to teach CNC

Technical education teachers working with CNC technology can generally agree the purpose of their lessons is to help the next generation grasp technical concepts and to help them prepare for future experiences by relaying information. That being said, it’s easy to focus on one way of doing things without putting it in context of the CNC industry.


In a Busy Week, Tormach Talks at MIT, Saunders Teaches at Autodesk University

There were Tormach employees all over the country last week, from Autodesk University in Las Vegas to talking makerspaces at MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Some spent last week in the glitz and glam of Las Vegas… but really, we only saw the inside of the Sands Convention Center where Tormach Brand Ambassador, John Saunders, spent the week teaching CAM and machining. Autodesk University is an event where over 10,000 attendees further their skills in CAD, CAM, design, and various other facets of the engineering, manufacturing, and architectural professions. The event hosts classes, like the one given by Saunders, as well as some of the latest innovations by organizations using Autodesk software, while the company announces its own innovations and latest updates. This year’s theme was close to the heart of Tormach’s philosophy, ‘The Future of Making Things,’ which we constantly strive to be a part of. We took five PCNC 440s to help with Saunders’ class, which were surrounded by everything from emerging generative design technology, 3D-printed bridge components, lots of VR experiences, and even our friends from ShopBot and Printrbot. While some staff cruised around convention halls in Vegas, others spent the week at MIT for the first-ever International Symposium on Academic Makerspaces (ISAM). Tormach’s Andy Grevstad presented a paper that discussed the importance of safety in academic and makerspace environments, and we had a PCNC 440 showing off what it can do. Read the Paper Here ISAM is a new event that is hosted by the Higher Education Makerspace Initiative, which is comprised of eight different colleges; including MIT, Stanford, Berkeley, Georgia Tech, Yale, CMU, CWRU, and Olin; that are working to use makerspaces to maximize student learning experiences and contribute to alumni success. We can’t wait to see what the makerspaces at MIT and the rest of these academic frontrunners churn out!


Future Robot Designers Learn CNC Manufacturing at the Drexel Autonomous Systems Lab

As part of his responsibilities, DASL researcher Roy (R.J.) Gross is helping groom future roboticists in a multi-disciplinary curriculum with the help of a Tormach PCNC 1100.

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