Tormach Fab Lab: Working with Slitting Saws

Don't forget about slitting saws when you have a part that calls for a deep slot. With a slitting saw, slots with a large depth-to-width ratio can be made both faster and straighter than with a long and skinny endmill. There are two slitting saw arbor sizes available in our TTS toolholder lineup: 1" and 1/2". These are keyless arbors, so they will work with both keyed and keyless slitting saws. We also have a selection of HSS slitting saws to fit these arbors.  


Tormach Fab Lab: Workholding with V-Blocks

Ground V-Blocks are a handy tool for workholding, especially when paired with a machining vise. You can use them to hold round bar, square bar, and they are also great for supporting end work.  In our latest episode of Tormach Fab Lab, Mike C. points out some tips and tricks to keep in mind when using V-Blocks.  You can purchase the V-blocks used in this video here:  Buy V-Blocks for Tormach More Tormach Fab Lab Videos:

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