Increase Tool Life, Reduce Tool Wear

This guide will show you 11 ways to radically increase your tool life and reduce tool wear. Plus it will explain the details and mechanisms of tool wear, discuss how to calculate tool wear, and describe tool life monitoring.


How To Avoid 4 Major Types of Tool Wear

07/ 17/ 2018

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This post originally appeared on the In The Loupe blog.


Tips for Machining Gummy Materials

06/ 19/ 2018

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This article originally appeared as an In the Loupe blogpost. Machinists face many problems and challenges when manufacturing gummy materials. These types of materials include low carbon steels, stainless steels, nickel alloys, titanium, copper, and metals with high chromium content.


Measure and Fix Spindle Runout - The Tool Life Killer

What Is Spindle Runout?

Spindle runout, or tool runout, as it can also be called, is the inaccuracies that cause a tool (in a mill) or workpiece (in a lathe) to spin off the ideal axis. It’s very bad for tool life, so it’s good to know more about it.


CAM Toolpath Tips to Improve Tool Life and Surface Finish

Just released another edition of my monthly video column over on Cutting Tool Engineering magazine. This episode is all about some of the ways you can optimize your CAM Toolpaths for better tool life and surface finish.


CAM Tips: Optimize Toolpaths for Better Tool Life and Surface Finish

Optimize your toolpaths for better tool life and surface finish…

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